Arizona Part 3: Sedona

Day 1: Arriving in Sedona

I woke up earlier than expected, I had passed out after hiking the Grand Canyon the day before. Today the plan was to explore the Grand Canyon and than drive to Sedona, or so I thought. I laid in bed checking out what part of the Grand Canyon we could explore that day, I probably should have looked at the window first—or at least like the weather App on my phone. Finally after finding all the amazing places that we could explore that day, I looked at the weather…snow, but we are from NY how bad could a little snow really be? We began to carry our stuff out to the car—I kid you not white out conditions, we knew the Grand Canyon was there, but we couldn’t see a thing.

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Grand Canyon-South Kaibab to Bright Angel

Sunday afternoon we headed from Paige, where we visited Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend, to the Grand Canyon. The entire ride there I was filled with excitement; Still in disbelief that tomorrow would be the day I would be taking on the Grand Canyon! Something I had only dreamed of doing, and something that the normal person with less than one year of hiking experience don’t set out to tackle … but then again, I’m not normal.

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Arizona Part 1: Marble Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon

My first big hiking trip is in the books, 9 days 3 cities and countless hikes. It was truly an amazing experience and really forced me to test myself!

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Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge

Last weekend we set out to tackle two more 46ers Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge.

3 am wake up, YAY! I love waking up super early to drive to a trailhead (notice the dripping sarcasm there)

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New Hampshire: 7 Mountains 3 days

It is official I have now climbed 21 of the 115 high peaks in the Northeast….not bad considering as of May I had only climbed 1. Last month we set off to NH to climb:
Mount Cabot-4,120
Wildcat D-4,070 ft
Wildcat- 4,422 ft
Carter Dome-4,832 f
South Carter-4,430 ft
Middle Carter-4,610 ft
Moriah- 4,049 ft

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Taking on the Devil Part 1: Devil’s Path the Eastern Half

This weekend we decided to take on the first half of Devil’s path, described as one of the more challenging hikes in the Northeast.

I was PUMPED and yet mildly concerned by what I had heard about this trail.

The trail spans 4 of the Catskill 3500:

Indian Head: 3,573 ft

Twin: 3,640 ft

Sugarloaf: 3,880 ft

Plateau: 3,840 ft

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